What We Believe

We wish to see more than sober men.  We want to see men who find where they belong: a sense of family and a place to feel at home, a purpose in life, and a specific purpose in the community.  We want the men to feel they are a part of what we do as a valued member of God’s family at “Our Father’s House.”  We want to do life together. 

Mission Statement
To equip men for sustained freedom from addiction through Christ-centered community. 

Core Values  

  • Right relationship to God through Jesus Christ is the only way to receive healing and wholeness. 
  • A clean and sober environment is essential to initiate behavioral change. 
  • Forgiveness is freely given to all who call upon the name of Jesus. 
  • Everyone deserves to know peace, joy, righteousness, and above all, love. 
  • God loves and will permanently change anyone; nobody is helpless. 
  • If you are alive, you have another chance. 
  • Bondage is not permanent, Everyone has freedom to enter a new life in Christ. 
  • Sinful living is simply an unhealthy response to very real hurts and disappointments. 
  • The needs we try to meet through sin can be satisfied in Christ. 
  • Through Christ, we identify character flaws, learn to respond healthily to our environment, and correct our wrong habits/behavior. 
  • Giving back to society through volunteer service corrects selfish behavior. 
  • God created everyone for a purpose and that purpose is found in Him.