Transitional Home

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A Specific Dilemma with Specific Solution  

While sober houses are available, there are no moral absolutes and Christian values are not implemented.  This becomes a huge stumbling block for those whose rock of sobriety is their faith and actions thereof.  If the environment does not support their faith and their morals, the environment will not support their chosen road to recovery.  If such resident falters in the faith from a lack of support and abundance of opposition, they will fail at sobriety likewise. 

For those who have found Christianity as their path to freedom from addiction, “Our Father’s House” can provide the ideal solution for those in transition to independence by supporting growth in the faith.  “Our Father’s House” wishes to provide this needed stepping stone.  Our focus is attracting those who have begun a faith-based approach to sobriety and providing a transitional stage from a program to independence.  We plan to meet the needs of accountability, discipleship, and peer support while fostering Christian community through structured requirements as residents regain financial independence and emotional well-being 

We Value Freedom and Wholeness 

While secular programs teach behavioral modification to cope with addiction, they do not believe addiction is curable.  At Our Father’s House, we do not believe addiction is permanent.  Everyone has freedom to enter a new life in Christ.  Rather than focusing on addiction, we focus on the longings of the human heart behind it and gear them toward God.  Sinful living is simply an unhealthy response to very real hurts and disappointments.  The needs we try to meet through drugs, alcohol, and other sin can be satisfied in Christ.  Through Christ, we identify character flaws, learn to respond healthily to our environment, and correct our wrong habits/behavior.  We believe right relationship to God through Jesus Christ is the only way to receive healing and wholeness.  Forgiveness is freely given to all who call upon the name of Jesus.  Everyone deserves to know peace, joy, righteousness, and above all, love.  All these are found in Christ alone.  We believe in total transformation of the condition of a man’s heart.  We believe in more than a sober man.  We believe in a changed man, a morally upright man, a man who knows God.   

Target Applicants 

Primarily, our target applicants are those completing faith-based recovery programs who are seeking continued guidance.  We will network with local and non-local recovery programs to provide this next step for faith-based recovery.  Many men in these programs are seeking such a step that secular sober homes cannot provide.  Men interested in faith-based recovery and open to the teachings of Christ will be eligible applicants for “Our Father’s House” transitional homes.  Applicants must be willing to transition back into the work place, or have other rational means to execute planned financial independence.